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Self Driving Uber Runs Over Pedestrian…Uber Bad!

Hot off the press…Uber is in trouble. I just learned of a huge catastrophe that killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. A self-driving Uber car being tested in Arizona ran over this poor person. The horror! How ridiculous is it that counties and States are permitting testing of these untested vehicles on the road where […]

Is your doctor at fault if your child has cerebral palsy?

  If your child was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, I know there are many thoughts swirling around in your mind.   Emotionally, you are going from sadness to anger, to fear to anxiety, to happiness when you see your beautiful baby is here, with you.   There is a lot for you to sort through right […]

My baby has Cerebral Palsy – Do I have a legal case?

Your child was injured at birth and now the doctors have diagnosed him with cerebral palsy.  You are fearful for what your baby’s life is going to look like.  A year or two ago, you had spent nine months waiting for him to be delivered. You’d done everything in your power to make sure your […]


How your medical records hurt you…

I think the hardest thing about helping medical malpractice victims is the challenge of fighting what is a one-sided narrative: your medical records.   As a doctor friend recently put it to me – those records are like the bible. And the way they are written favor the author.   It’s all I have to […]