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The Long-Term Ramifications of a Brain Injury

Trauma to any part of the body may change the way a person lives, something a brain injury lawyer in New Orleans, LA well knows. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may prove to be an annoyance, or the damage may be more permanent. When a person sustains a head injury, the consequences may include not only pain but also a complete reworking of their lifestyle.The brain directs the body in every move, feeling, thought and breath. When it gets hurt, it may permanently sideline even the healthiest person. Let’s explore some of the long-term consequences a brain injury can have:

Cognitive Function

The brain is a processor, like that in a computer or cellphone. If functioning correctly, it performs thousands of tasks in seconds. Cognitive thinking involves the ability to solve problems and process information simultaneously. It is something that the brain does well in most situations. While some degradation is normal, a complete loss of lack of mental functioning is not. When a traumatic event occurs, or a person sustains multiple blows to the head over time, the brain’s cognitive functioning may slow down drastically. A person may start to lose the ability to remember, solve problems, come up with appropriate words, or form a sentence. When this happens, the person may no longer be able to perform essential functions like drive a car, brush their teeth, or go to work. If this is something you’re experiencing, you may have questions a brain injury lawyer New Orleans, LA residents regularly consult with can answer.

Motor Skills

The brain sends signals down the spinal cord and out to various areas of the body, telling them what to do. These impulses tell feet to walk, hands to shake and mouths to open and close. After a traumatic brain injury, these impulses may be interrupted, slowed, or not be sent at all. The effect of this is numbness, tingling and, in some cases, paralysis. If the spine is injured along with the brain, it is not uncommon for paralysis to occur. When a person experiences paralysis in any part of the body, they may no longer have the mobility to take care of themselves. A New Orleans, LA brain injury lawyer can help you decide if you have a case.

Basic Life Support

Some brain function is so critical that if it ceases, a person will die. The area of the brain responsible for basic life support is one example. A If trauma occurs in and around this area, a person may not only be paralyzed but also need to be on some life support system to help keep the heart pumping and the lungs inflating. A brain injury lawyer in New Orleans, LA is an incredible resource after such a potentially life-changing event.

A lawyer may help someone dealing with the aftermath of an injury to get the requisite medical attention. Depending on the injury event, you may be entitled to compensation. A lifetime of care is incredibly costly and the negligent party should be the one to pay, not the victim. For help finding out if this is the case for you, contact the Reddy Law Group today to speak with a New Orleans, LA brain injury lawyer.