Car Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LA

Car Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LAIt’s common knowledge that drinking alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. However, when it comes to drinking soda, eating burgers, fries, tacos and other foods while actively engaged in driving, no one bats an eye. The truth of the matter is, though, that eating while behind the wheel can distract you and increase the risk of car accidents. Although eating and drinking food and non-alcoholic beverages while driving isn’t illegal, it is distracting behavior. As a result, if you were involved in a collision with a driver who was eating or drinking behind the wheel, that behavior could serve as evidence that the accident was either primarily or totally their fault. It’s therefore important to mention the eating/drinking behavior when you meet with a car accident lawyer New Orleans, LA residents trust. During your consultation with a New Orleans, Louisiana car accident lawyer at the Reddy Accident Law, know that no detail is insignificant. If the driver of the other car was eating or drinking at the time of the accident, we want to know about it. 

Eating Takes Your Hands Off the Wheel

If you want to eat while driving, you will be forced to take at least one hand off the wheel. You’ll have to remove the wrappers, tear open sauce packets and take food out of bags. When you take even one hand off the wheel, it makes it more difficult to control the vehicle, increasing your risk of getting into an accident.

Eating Takes Your Attention Off the Road

When you’re eating something tasty, your mind is on that food. You might not be able to focus your attention on the road ahead. If you take your attention off the road for even a minute, you’re in danger of hitting another vehicle and causing an accident.

Passengers Eating Can Reduce Your Focus

It might not seem like a big deal to let the passengers in your vehicle eat. After all, they aren’t the ones behind the wheel. However, they can actually distract you while you drive. The smells and sound of the passengers chomping down on their food can cause you to lose concentration.

Clutter Can Distract You

After you get food at a drive-thru or gas station for something to eat, you’re left with napkins, wrappers and other garbage. You might not always remember to throw the garbage away and toss it on the floor. All of that clutter on the floor can be a big distraction while you drive, increasing the risk of an accident. 

Were You in a Car Accident?

Even if you’re careful and avoid eating while behind the wheel others may not make this responsible decision. If you were recently injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s poor choices, know that an experienced New Orleans, LA car accident lawyer may be able to help you hold that irresponsible party accountable and help you to collect compensation related to the harm you have suffered. It’s important to speak to a New Orleans, LA car accident lawyer about your case as soon as possible to better ensure that your rights remain protected and that your legal options remain preserved. Don’t wait. If you haven’t already scheduled a consultation with our team, please do so now. We look forward to speaking with you.