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What do I need to know after I got hit by an Uber driver?

Uber and other ridesharing companies as well as taxis and public transportation compete for the public’s business, as a car accident lawyer in Gretna, LA well knows. These various choices for transportation have much in common, but Uber stands apart for several reasons. Primarily, Uber is often cheaper than taxis and more convenient than a public bus. Another difference is that Uber riders do not flag down a car while on the street; they use a cell phone app to arrange for a driver pickup and transport. Despite the rising popularity of Uber and other ride sharing, there is a deadly downside for some who have used the service. In particular, those who have been injured in accidents caused by negligent Uber drivers.

The Reddy Accident Law represents such persons and we have helped injury victims recover their damages for years. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you were harmed by a negligent rideshare driver to speak to a car accident lawyer in Gretna, LA. Our Uber car accident lawyer can review your case and determine if you are eligible to receive compensation from the ridesharing company and/or the driver for your damages. This is important if you have suffered a serious injury that will require costly medical treatment. If you suffered a permanent injury, you may be unable to earn the level of income you have enjoyed up to the time you were in the Uber accident. Talk to our Uber car accident lawyer to learn how we may be able to recover all of your damages, including lost wages.

How do I prove that the Uber driver was responsible for causing my injury?

In order to qualify for reimbursement from Uber for medical expenses and other damages associated with your injury, you must prove that the accident was the fault of their driver, and a car accident lawyer in Gretna, LA can help with this. When working with a lawyer from The Reddy Accident Law, they will identify and document the facts of the accident and how it led to your injury. All of your injury related damages will also be identified and the cost to you will be detailed within the claim submitted to Uber. A car accident lawyer Gretna, LA trusts will collect all available evidence such as accident scene photos, damage to the vehicles involved, the Uber driver’s motor vehicle and criminal record histories, and more. Witness statements will also be collected, and any other information that will help strengthen your case will be taken into consideration.

For your part, any evidence and documentation you can provide to your Uber car accident lawyer will contribute to the strength of your claim against the ridesharing company. This may include photographs of your injury as soon as possible after the accident, as well as photos as your condition worsens. Photos of bruises, lacerations, burns, etc. can provide an excellent visual representation of your injuries. You will also need to provide your Uber car accident lawyer with copies of your medical bills.

To discuss your case with an experienced Uber car accident lawyer in Gretna, LA, call The Reddy Accident Law today.