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Car Accident Lawyer Metairie, LAUber was founded in 2009 and since that time has become a very popular rideshare option for those who need transportation but neither wish to drive nor take the bus. As of 2019, Uber reports that it has over 110 million users across the world. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. One might assume that a company with such broad reach prioritizes the safety of its drivers and passengers above all else. After all, if Uber drivers consistently get into accidents, that hurts the company’s public relations message and its bottom line. Unfortunately, hiring an Uber driver isn’t always the safe option that many passengers assume that it is. Passengers who suffer injuries as a result of a rideshare accident learn this reality the hard way. 

Thankfully, if you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, you do have legal options available to you. Speaking with an experienced Metairie, Louisiana car accident lawyer from the Reddy Accident Law can allow you to clarify your legal options so that you can make an informed decision concerning your next steps. Working with a car accident lawyer Metairie, LA residents trust will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries while our experienced firm handles the legal “heavy lifting.”

Uber’s U.S. Safety Report

Uber recently released its latest U.S. Safety Report which examines data from 2017 through 2018. During that time frame, Uber drivers transported passengers on more than 3.1 million trips every day just in the U.S. The report offers details on the number of Uber involved fatal accidents and other statistics. The report analyses the company’s internal data on Uber driver-involved car accidents and compares it to the national database known as the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). FARS is a database that collects information on all of the automotive-related deaths in the U.S.

Uber’s report reveals the following stats on fatal accidents that have involved their drivers:

  •  In 2017 and 2018, there were a combined total of 97 fatal accidents that were responsible for a total of 107 deaths.
  • In 2017, the number of Uber-related fatalities as compared to the national average was about half as many.
  • Crashes involving Uber drivers typically occur while the vehicle is traveling at slower speeds than the national average. They are also more likely to occur after sunset and in urban areas that have street lighting.

It’s important to remember that just because an accident doesn’t result in fatalities doesn’t mean that it can’t alter the lives of those affected by the crash. If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident and are hesitant to seek legal guidance because your accident wasn’t catastrophic, know that the law protects you too. You shouldn’t have to pay medical bills associated with a crash caused by someone else. Please consider scheduling a risk-free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Metairie, LA car accident lawyer today to ensure that you can ask questions and make an informed decision about your legal situation. 

Safety Tips when Hiring an Uber Vehicle

As a passenger in an Uber vehicle, you are giving up control to the driver and trusting that they and other drivers will not make any mistakes that could trigger an accident. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk that you’ll be injured while taking advantage of a rideshare service. The next time you order an Uber:

  • Take note of the driver’s actions as they arrive to pick you up. If they take dangerous risks to get to your side of the street, if they cut somebody off, if they do anything that is illegal or dangerous, consider canceling the ride and politely explain that you are concerned for your safety. If the driver charges you for the canceled ride, you have the option of filing a complaint with Uber and requesting a company review of the assessed charge.
  • Verify that the person who arrives is your Uber driver before entering the vehicle. Once you have been matched with an Uber driver through their cell phone application, you will be provided details on the type of vehicle they are driving, the driver’s name, and their photograph. It will also provide the license plate number. Verify each piece of information before getting in the car.
  • If, after the ride starts, the driver acts erratically or drives in an unsafe manner, instruct them to let you out at the first safe place to pull over. If they refuse, or if you feel that your life is in danger, call 911.

Uber can be a great solution for many people, but it is not always a safe way to travel. If you were harmed in any way while riding in an Uber vehicle, contact an experienced Metairie, LA car accident lawyer to learn about the legal options available to you that may allow you access to any compensation you’re entitled to at this time.