Uber Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LA

Uber Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LARidesharing is a relatively new alternative to hiring a taxi. Though Uber and Lyft have much in common with taxi services, there are certainly many differences between taxi and rideshare services. Primarily, ride-sharing drivers do not always have to comply with the same laws and regulations that taxi drivers must follow. Because Uber and Lyft drivers are regulated more by company policy than commercial vehicle regulations, issues of liability can be murkier in the wake of a rideshare accident than they are after a taxi accident. As a result, if you were recently involved in an accident while riding in an Uber vehicle, or an Uber vehicle collided with your vehicle, you may need to hire an Uber accident lawyer New Orleans, LA trust to protect their best interests. Failing to seek experienced legal guidance now could lead you to accept a settlement that is far lower than the compensation you’re entitled to. An experienced and aggressive New Orleans, Louisiana Uber accident lawyer from Reddy Accident Law will fight for your right to receive compensation from those responsible for the harm you have suffered.

Understanding How Uber Determines Whether or Not they are Liable

Uber has publicly acknowledged that its insurance coverage is $1 million per accident. The coverage applies to Uber passengers, not passengers or drivers of another vehicle. It also does not protect pedestrians. As a result, it is particularly important to speak with a New Orleans, LA Uber accident lawyer if an Uber driver collided with your car, hit you while you were traveling by motorcycle, bike, or on foot, or if you were an Uber passenger during the accident but your related harm is costlier than $1 million due to catastrophic injuries, etc. 

  • If Uber approves a passenger’s injury claim, they may not offer a settlement that is large enough to fully cover the victim’s damages. A skilled car accident lawyer who is an experienced negotiator can often obtain a fair settlement because the company will not want to be named in a lawsuit.
  • If the passenger or driver of another vehicle is injured in an accident caused by an Uber driver, the Uber driver’s insurance may not cover the victim’s damages. A car accident lawyer hired by the victim can file a claim against the company, and possibly the driver as well. If the company refuses to pay the victim a fair settlement, then their lawyer may recommend proceeding with a lawsuit.

The Period of Insurance Coverage for an Uber Passenger

According to Uber’s insurance policy, passengers are covered from the time their driver accepts a ride request until the moment when the passenger exits the vehicle at the completion of their ride. Uber’s insurance coverage includes a rider for uninsured and underinsured motorists. Though all of this may sound good on the surface, there are many grey areas and potential loopholes that nefarious individuals and possibly Uber itself may attempt to leverage in order to avoid paying out on costly damage claims. And as is always the case in a motor vehicle accident, the at-fault party may deny responsibility and refuse to pay the victim any money at all. Without the legal guidance of an experienced New Orleans, LA Uber accident lawyer, an accident victim may have very little chance of recovering the full extent of their damages. 

Protect Yourself Against Losses

If you were injured in an Uber-involved accident, protect your right to full compensation by scheduling a consultation with an experienced New Orleans, LA Uber accident lawyer today. Even if you’re unsure of whether your situation is grounds for legal action, it is better to receive personalized guidance now so that you can make an informed decision either way. We look forward to speaking with you.