Who Is The Top Truck Accident Lawyer in New Orleans?

Truck Accident Lawyer New Orleans, LABig rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and long-haulers. These are all different names for big trucks. Unfortunately, no matter what they’re called, they all have the potential to cause catastrophic damage in the event of an accident. Fortunately, although no amount of compensation can undo the harm that occurs in the wake of a truck accident, the victims of any given accident can seek compensation from insurance companies and/or the responsible party or parties with the assistance of a skilled truck accident lawyer New Orleans, LA residents trust. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a large, commercial truck, please don’t wait to contact an experienced New Orleans, Louisiana truck accident lawyer at the Reddy Accident Law. Once our team understands the circumstance surrounding your accident, we can help you identify who the responsible parties are and can help you to hold those parties accountable for the harm you have suffered. The responsible parties in a truck accident aren’t always as they seem…

The Driver of the Truck

Truck drivers have a big responsibility to follow all the rules, regulations and laws that apply to big trucks on the road. If the driver is incompetent, drives under the influence, fails to perform certain safety tasks or makes one of a variety of other errors, that driver could be liable for the accident. An expert witness who is familiar with driving trucks could speak to the driver’s mistakes in the accident.

The Truck Owner

Sometimes the truck driver doesn’t own his or her truck outright. There are various possible owners of large trucks, including the cargo owner, a trucking company or a third party. In many cases, an owner separate from the driver will have the responsibility to inspect the truck, perform maintenance tasks, complete repairs and check on the function of the truck. If that owner fails to do those things, he or she may be held responsible for an accident.

The Cargo Loader

There are certain truck accidents that occur due to the cargo being packed and secured incorrectly. Part of the load could fall off the truck and damage other vehicles on the road. The cargo could shift, resulting in the truck fishtailing. In those and other situations, the individuals or company that loaded the cargo could be held liable.

The Manufacturer of the Truck

There are a lot of parts that go into the construction of a big truck. Even if one little part malfunctions or doesn’t get installed correctly, it could cause a big accident. Sometimes the manufacturer of the truck or the truck parts will be liable for the accident if they malfunctioned or broke while the driver was on the road.

The Trucking Company

There are some situations in which the trucking company that employs the operator will be liable for an accident. Some trucking companies own their own fleet and are responsible for inspecting the trucks. Sometimes they are responsible for maintenance and repairs. Just like any other party, if the trucking company is negligent in these things, they could be held responsible. Similarly, if a trucking company pushes a driver to ignore safety rules in favor of the company’s bottom line, an experienced New Orleans, LA truck accident lawyer could potentially help a victim hold that reckless company accountable for their unsafe choices. 

Learning More

A truck accident is nothing to take lightly. If you were involved in an accident with a big truck, contact an experienced New Orleans, LA truck accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options, your rights, and the kinds of compensation you may be entitled to at this time. Our team looks forward to speaking with you.