Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gretna, LA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Gretna, LAMost people count on being able to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are hurt while on the job. After all, this kind of economic protection is one of the upsides of working for someone other than yourself. Workplace injuries can take many forms; they can be minor and temporary, or they can be serious or even fatal. An injury at work may require physical rehabilitation, time off from work, and possibly even surgery. The costs for treatment, medical devices, medication, lost wages, etc. can add up to a substantial amount. This combination of unexpected costs and loss of income can be countered with workers’ compensation benefits. 

Unfortunately, not all legitimate workers’ compensation claims are approved as soon as they are submitted. If a claim is denied, an injured worker may find themselves in a financial bind while trying to recover from their accident. If you have been hurt while on the job and your initial claim has been denied, don’t wait to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer Gretna, LA residents trust. The experienced Louisiana legal team at the Reddy Accident Law will work hard to ensure that you receive any benefits that you are entitled to.

Why might a workers’ compensation claim be denied?

There are various reasons for why a workers’ compensation claim may be denied. Thankfully, a skilled Gretna, LA workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to quickly reverse that denial, or prove to the insurance carrier that the claim should have been approved in the first place by submitting a compelling appeal.

Here is a short list of common reasons that workers’ compensation carriers give for denying a claim:

  •         The claim was filed after the statute of limitations deadline. No matter the severity of your injury, if your claim is not filed on time, it will be denied. Do not delay in contacting a Gretna, LA workers’ compensation lawyer to get your appeal filed, because the appeals process is subject to a statute of limitation as well. 
  •         The employee sustained their injury in an accident that was not related to the worker’s job and/or the accident did not occur on the employer’s property. This can be a “he said she said” type of scenario. It can be combated by documentation and evidence that shows the accident was work related and therefore should be covered by workers’ compensation. 
  •         The worker’s injury was a pre-existing injury and has no relation to their job duties. Even if an injury is a pre-existing injury, the injury may be aggravated or triggered by the individual’s job duties. Medical evidence, a doctor’s testimonial, and other documentation can be presented by a knowledgeable Gretna, LA workers’ compensation lawyer to reverse a claim denial.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you were injured at work and your claim was denied, contact an experienced Gretna, LA workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm about your situation today. We will work hard to get you access to any benefits you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.