Often times I am asked if a client should accept a settlement offer from the insurance company or go to trial.

My answer is usually the same…”it depends on your situation.”

But the truth is most of the time settlements are a good thing…in fact a great thing.  Here are my top three reasons why:

  • You can get paid quickly
  • You can get paid more
  • You can move on with your life

You can get paid quickly

Trials can take months of what we call discovery – namely, discovering facts about the case and putting forth an argument based on those facts to present the best possible case for our clients.   

And it could take years before that case is presented to a judge or jury before any settlement award is given.  And I’m not even talking about the years of appeals that could happen after…

With a fair settlement, both parties compromise and reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial and is quickly paid out. 

You can get paid more

What a lot of lawyers don’t tell their clients is that they run their cases like record labels did back in the day. 

They don’t explain fully that all of the money spent upfront to produce their potential large case award gets paid back to them before their client gets paid anything. 

So even if it looks like going to trial will provide a very large award at the end of the day…the costs of going to trial are so high, that the client can go home with less money than they would have had they taken a lower settlement offer before trial.

You can move on with your life

Traumatic events are tough enough.  Now let’s add months or years of rehashing the accident and not getting paid – while expenses build up from being out of work.  All of which is on top of trying to recover physically and emotionally.  Moving on from accidents can happen much faster if a settlement agreement is reached.

The threat of trial can produce large settlement awards

However, from the moment you select Reddy Accident Law, we are prepping your case for trial.  We will go to trial if you do not receive a settlement offer that we can agree upon is fair. 

It is important for the insurance companies to know that they are dealing with a lawyer who has the resources and capabilities to go to trial on every case where a reasonable offer is not presented.

At Reddy Accident Law we have those resources and capabilities necessary to make that happen.  Contact us today for a free case evaluation.