Your child was injured at birth and now the doctors have diagnosed him with cerebral palsy.  You are fearful for what your baby’s life is going to look like.  A year or two ago, you had spent nine months waiting for him to be delivered.

You’d done everything in your power to make sure your pregnancy went well.  You spent countless hours and dollars on the right vitamins; eating healthy; reading books and talking to your baby.  You anxiously and hopefully awaited for that day for so long.  You put tremendous trust in your physician or midwife at the time.

Then you gave birth and you had this perfect baby, the baby you always wanted.  He arrived and joy poured into your life.

But, as time went by, you took him to his well visits only to find out he had poor muscle tone, he was “floppy,” he favored one side of his body or had poor muscle control.

By the time he was 12-18 months old he was not walking, and by the time he was 24 months he was not speaking simple sentences.  Your pediatrician suspected something was wrong and you had intuitively felt something was wrong for months. But were told that he would eventually come around.  You feel bad about not listening to your gut, now.

After all, you are his mom.  You know him best.

Now, you are scared.  And that makes sense.  This is your baby.

You go to your doctor, again, who tells you your baby has cerebral palsy.

You cry.

You are in shock, you are frozen and you don’t know what to do.  Questions swirl in your head and you ask them to your doctor or midwife, but no clear cut answer is given.  He seems guarded now.  Something is not right about him.  Like he may be holding something back.

You google “cerebral palsy” and learn that, in some cases, it could be caused by your doctor making an error.  It starts to make sense.

Your heart drops, your mouth drops, you are in disbelief.

The trusted ob/gyn or midwife did something wrong?  It can’t be.  They didn’t tell me anything, they were so kind to me, I’ve known them for years.

This is the most difficult time you have experienced and you need answers to questions.  Some, may be the following:

  • Why does my child have cerebral palsy?
  • Can other things besides my doctor’s negligence cause cerebral palsy?
  • Is there a cure?
  • Did my ob/gyn or midwife cause this?
  • If, so do I have a legal case against them?
  • What are the steps for bringing a legal case?

If these are the types of questions you are asking yourself (and I know you are otherwise you would not be reading this), then I ask you to give us a call at the Reddy Accident Law.

I can help quickly because of my experience:

  1. I have doctors in my family who consistently review cases for me;
  2. In fact, my closest family are ob/gyns who practice in this field every day;
  3.  I have lost my brother to medical malpractice so I get where you are coming from.

I understand the fear, anxiety, sadness and anger that you are feeling right now.  It is a hard place to be in.  Almost impossible, but you will get through it.

And I want to help you get through it.  I want to be your guide and your walking stick.

I want you to lean on me so you can feel safe, secure, taken care of and relieved that someone who has been through it all, can also fight for your right to get your medical bills paid and your child rehabilitated.

I am here to help because I am an attorney who knows this area of the law…it is all I do, day in and day out.

Call me at 504-684-5455 

Your call and case evaluation are on me.  I won’t charge you a dime.

Your time to act is now because your time may be running out to file suit.