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Hot off the press…Uber is in trouble.

I just learned of a huge catastrophe that killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. A self-driving Uber car being tested in Arizona ran over this poor person.

The horror!

How ridiculous is it that counties and States are permitting testing of these untested vehicles on the road where people can be killed? What if that Uber ran into a baby stroller or a school bus?

The last time I checked, people who are sick without a cure have to consent for a clinical trial of an experimental drug to help them get better? When did we CONSENT to being subjected to the whims of a deadly experiment to help a corporation make more money for itself?

Car accidents are terrible situations for everyone involved. Whether you had a minor injury or a severe injury or, in this case, death, there are significant ramifications of this one event.

That’s why we help people navigate this complex and serious accident as accident attorneys in the state of Louisiana.

Now, Uber and Lyft have come to New Orleans, where we are based, but you won’t find Mitch Landrieu on the national networks promoting New Orleans Parish as a testing ground for unsafe, experimental driving.

If you are in an Uber or a Lyft and get into an accident you may have questions about how you can proceed.

Generally, here is how it works. It is not dissimilar to how you would handle it if you were driving in your friend’s automobile.

Here is some advice, even if you were in a minor fender bender:

1) Seek medical attention first, and follow up with any appointments you need to make, IMMEDIATELY – so you are shown on the record as a treating for your injury.
2) Get the Driver’s Name, Vehicle Plate Number and Insurance Card Information.
2) Wait for the police to come so the driver can file a report and you can make a witness statement
3) Contact your vehicle insurance company (assuming you have one) and let them know you were in an accident
4) Contact the Reddy Accident Law (504-684-5455) so we can help you get the best treatment and most compensation for your injury.

Unless you were seriously injured, often times you may not even know how injured you are.  In fact, back and neck conditions take several months, sometimes, before you may feel any symptoms.

If you hit your head, suffered a concussion or had a mild Traumatic Brain Injury, you may not even know something bad went wrong.  You are actually entitled to receive compensation for when something like that happens.

And…that compensation can be a lot of money because the law treats that as a very severe injury.

Think about it.  You may be feeling:

  1. unexpected mood swings (especially against your marital partner or boyfriend/girlfriend)
  2. short term memory loss
  3. anxiety
  4. inability to quickly process and do menial tasks, and, especially, complex tasks

These types of injuries can affect you for the rest of your life if they are left untreated.  How will you pay for those bills?  Even if you have insurance, who will pay the co-pay, the time away from work, your lost experience of life and your pain and suffering?

Uber or Lyft should pay.  Their insurance company should pay.  But you shouldn’t pay for anything.

That is where an experienced, Louisiana Car Accident attorney can really make the difference in your life.

Don’t try and handle these claims on your own.  There is too much complication.  It is like playing a game of one-on-one with Michael Jordan.  There is little chance for success and you have no idea how to approach beating him.

Fortunately, we do this type of stuff day in and day out.  You will get from us the following:

  1. personalized service with my personal cell phone number to call or text M-F 9-5pm.  No paralegals, no secretaries.  Your access to me is something I take seriously and is an honor to be able to serve you in your time of need.
  2. A recognized leader in car accident compensation for victims.  We focus on getting all the money we can from the insurance companies and the driver who hit you, so that you can rest easy knowing all your bills are paid and that you or your family will not suffer financially, as a result.
  3. Compassionate, kind-hearted attorneys who knows what it feels like to be in your shoes and will treat you like family.

Just give us a call at 504-684-5455 if you need any advice.  The call and advice are FREE.

So don’t hesitate.  Because Uber and Lyft are not looking out for you, but we are.